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Tehran , Iran
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Discover your new you! Elevate your beauty with a nose job in Iran.

Thinking about getting a nose job in another country can seem tough, but we’re here to make it easy. We offer great deals for nose surgeries in Iran that cover everything you need at a low cost. You won’t have to worry about a thing because we handle everything—from choosing the best surgeon to arranging your stay and any extra services. This isn’t just a surgery; it’s a step towards feeling better about yourself, and we aim to make your experience memorable.

Iran is known for its skilled plastic surgeons, making it the top place for nose jobs. Our hospitals and clinics provide excellent care at affordable prices, without compromising on quality. Whether you’re looking to repair, improve breathing, or change the appearance of your nose, our surgeons can meet your needs and give your face a balanced look. Iran is the ideal choice for nose surgery, offering top-notch services and results.


Book With Confidence
  • You need to schedule your stay in the city for at least 7 Days
  • Don’t stress about your travel plans for this surgery. Our professional tour operators have got everything covered for you. You can easily find them on the tour search section of the Bizkook Travel Website. They’ll take care of all your needs, making sure your trip is smooth and worry-free.
  • The price when you book is the price you will pay, whether you are booking for this month or the next season.
  • Book early to avoid any price increases, and get the best flight prices.
  • This medical activity has flexible booking. You’re free to reschedule your dates 14 days before your procedure date if you want!



  • The patient is responsible for the Visa and other travel planning
  • This is a rough schedule and may be changed based on each case
  • All additional costs associated with individual cases will be announced before operations begin
  • We only guarantee the work and price of doctors that we work with
  • You will not be able to use non-Iranian insurance on medical or cosmetic procedures done in Iran
Before Arrival
  • Free consultations
  • Results expectations
  • Risks overview
After Leaving
  • Regular recovery follow-ups
  • Experience assessment
  • Initiating ongoing communication channels for consistent follow-up, which includes regular recovery check-ins and evaluating the overall experience.
Cancellation Policy
  • For cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the trip, nothing of the total received deposit will be refundable.
  • For cancellations received 30-15 days prior to the trip, 50% of the total received deposit will be refundable.
  • For cancellations received 44-31 days prior to the trip, 75% of the total received deposit will be refundable.

Price & Schedules

  Prices may change, so secure your trip today! If you have any problem in mobile booking, visit desktop version

Check 2024 Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Packages in Iran
Per Person
Budget Start from  €1700
Standard Start from  €2300
Luxury Start from  €3100

Operator Information

Clinic Code: Clinic IRMDCA001

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  • Rhinoplasty Surgery
  • Operation Duration: 2– 3 hours
  • Clinic Stay: 1 Day
  • Durations: 7 Days-6 Nights


  • Top-notch Surgeon
  • Pre-booking consultant and support
  • Rhinoplasty Operations’ Costs
  • Clinical Visit
  • Patient Follow-Up
  • Medical Counseling
  • Medical Lab Tests, Imaging & Radiology
  • Medication for treatment & recovery
  • International flight
  • Visa fee
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Accommodations
  • Land transport
  • Meals
  • Miscellaneous expenses & plans in the case of program’s changing


You'll meet with the doctor for pre-operative tests and imaging. Depending on arrival date and time, doctor’s visit may be arranged on the 2nd day.

You come to the clinic and followed by the final pre-op consultation and necessary preliminary medical tests to prepare for the surgery. These vital steps lead to surgery preparation and the rhinoplasty procedure, which typically takes 1.5 to 3 hours in the operating room. After the surgery, post-operative instructions are provided to the patient. And you can go to your hotel.

After the surgery, you will have the opportunity to rest at your hotel. During this time, you'll be provided with post-operative medications and advised on following a specific diet.

Regular follow-up assessments are conducted by the doctor's assistant to monitor the patient's condition. As part of the recovery process, patients gradually begin daily walks. This well-structured routine aids in the healing and recovery process. You will rest in the hotel. You will follow your physician’s instructions regarding your meals, the position in which you must sleep, and the prescribed medications.

Your free time

The removal of the splint, which may be performed by the doctor's assistant, is a routine procedure. Medical photography might be required based on the doctor's diagnosis, and in rare cases, there may be an additional cost for an artificial graft. The doctor provides instructions on how to tape the nose at home, along with a thorough review of post-op guidelines. The doctor issues a written certificate confirming fitness for air travel.

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Tehran , Iran


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